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Hualanhai Electronic Measurin After more than 10 years of market precipitation, has been transformed from a dedicated industrial sensor product provider to provide customers with integrated solutions for system service integrators.
Hualanhai Is a set of research and development, production and sales of various types of resistance strain gauges, desktop electronic weighing sensors, ground scale electronic sensors, geophysical electronic sensors, tensile load cells, highway dynamic weighing system, fluid pressure sensor, high precision Sen Soka sensors such as diversified high-tech enterprises.
High-precision resistance variable gauge / load cell load cell / miniature load cell / torque sensor / pressure sensor & amp; transmitter / industrial automation weighing system / portable car called child system / weight charging system.
Enterprise Knowledge
Property Rights
Companies based on innovation and development, has applied for 61 patents, including: 4 invention patents, utility patents 25; design patent 29; apply for software patents 3.
Enterprise Panorama
Future Appearance
Is the transformation and construction of the Hualan Hai test new plant, is under construction in the Hualanhai R & D building.
After-sales service
Hua Lanhai has a serious professional and technical team, in any problems can be directly inquired, 7 * 24 hours all day online customer service, for your full service.